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Kelly Wolf George

Storytelling is the universal thread that binds humanity across cultures, eras, and geographical boundaries. It weaves together our experiences, emotions, and imagination, transcending time and place. 

I'm a storyteller with more than two decades of experience in journalism and communications. As a young one-man band reporter, I started sharing stories at the CBS affiliate in the hills of Clarksburg, WV, and haven't stopped. From state to state I joined teams at affiliates for ABC, NBC, CNN, and FOX, winning an Emmy award for my storytelling.

I then put my microphone down and stepped behind the camera, partnering with companies, organizations, and individuals to help craft their messages, share their stories, and build their brands. Using my skills as a former journalist I provide counsel in areas of brand-building, product launch, corporate reputation, crisis, and more. I have in‐depth experience leading, developing, and executing integrated strategic public relations campaigns with a specialty in earned media, including thought leadership, and executive visibility. 

My passion is giving others a voice to tell their story, making sure it resonates and has an impact. 

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