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Article Examples

I've written for multiple publications including but not limited to: Gwinnett Business Journal, Examiner, Livestrong, Patch and others. Below are a few examples.

Play It Safe Before You Lace Up 

Decatur sports chiropractor gives tips on how to avoid injury by preparing properly for running.

Many DeKalb Women Skipping Mammograms

Learn about free breast cancer screenings available in the Decatur area.

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Compost

Learn the health benefits of composting and where to get compost in Decatur.

Pass the fruits and veggies please

September marks "Fruits and Veggies - More Matters Month." Learn how to get the right amount of produce in your diet.

West Nile Virus: One Decatur Man's Story

Decatur resident Devin Lenz talks about his battle with West Nile virus.

Belly Dancing for Health, Fitness, Fun

Learn the health benefits of belly dancing and where to go for classes in Decatur.

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